Playlist creator commandline version 0.1
(c) 2023 by Dirk Paehl https://www.paehl.de

This program creates a standard playlist in the format m3u
#created with Playcmd 0.1 by Dirk Paehl
d:/Media/Destruction/Destruction - Spiritual Genocide/02 - Cyanide.mp3

playcmd d:/media

creates in the playcmd folder a playlist.m3u with all files except .m3u and jpg (cover.jpg)
The songs are sort randomly in the playlist

MD5: 2d32395446d82a23ce2651059c6e5f14
SHA1: 0396d0849fdeb65388061d46e58d7e1330cfd07d
SHA256: 4ac68716694c686ca1fd72f416a05d6a88547cdc7b44516606fda01687e479b8
Blake3_256: 4dbe6c73dd4339bf163c32317eccb5338abf251fe6201a953fe9a4f318c3bb2c
Size: 16kb Download the 64bit version

Currently 64bit only



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