Crypt commandline

FastHash 2.2  former FastMD5

Required .NET 7 support the following hashes: MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 and SHA3 224/256 and 384/512 download 32 and 64 bit version portable 
Setup 32 Bit Setup 64bit
Net 6 Portable version only (You can install the Net 7 and copy this file in the folder)
64Bit version only
MD5: 42473cf5f079cfb4331a71b9210c43f6
SHA1: e301d25c4e2c086d292c97967af52485140df878
Net 8 Portable version only (You can install the Net 7 and copy this file in the folder)
64Bit version only
MD5: 8319c64d0f69afa18290bf56e7845d0b
SHA1: 83f0dd1f1d842bb059663f2d63d67976c1f6d26a

FastHash 2.2



fastmd5.7z 135 kB
md5 CE651D119B25DAAB882672DA1BF7D10E
sha256 A389B4D866A1D3FE9BF6662E0EC6BF41FBC5A2C8229D05EA507DC6561A49D2FC
b3sum 8351f2cab902138a72ff9416d2420c75443435d40a77f91a9810cd7757de7f47 fastmd5.7z
ssdeep 3072:q/p9zuQvIlDbLovlPFVmvl5kPtZ1vLs4QkqAMsyf97X97Xeu0fp96:+u6mvl6tZ1Ts4F5WD,

setup64bit.exe 140 kB
md5 412dcc540111d7e8579b5253eff56ff8
sha256 b36f7132b85cd7efe9209963c23bdca266e59e9106eeda62d07d2816831a8b7d
b3sum 8a34b299f58efe9eff8fe7b0ff5fac1a0211f30fb72ca2a3f02b0b6feebbb742
ssdeep 3072:FD5S4vzJDI2Fr4EnzvhvUhEg9KxJZp7pDZ9n1:F1SOJ1p4GpyJ9KHZfzn1,

setupX86.exe 140 kB
md5 4d1dde5e3ed41572b3c181aec56d1811
sha256 1e250acf270f2007077cc589256cc8108ff046e3e8e9f9751a2a458a1a372a9e
b3sum 5bd17c32cdb29cb8be3afb36716b84f30488bbf6f1224fe061aa058e0a815487
ssdeep 3072:FD5S4vzOI2Fr4EnzvhvUhEg9KxJZcDZ9n2:F1SOep4GpyJ9KHZAzn2,

FastMD5 old version



Created very fast checksum with low CPU use (RIPEMD160/MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512) 32/64bit version
Required .NET, Supported platforms:
Windows XP - Windows 10/11 and
Windows Server 32-bit and 64-bitFreeware
MD5 32bit:1b8f596f1f9a3d890121a4aae05a9783
MD5 64bit: 38b3d0575e8875879c21f1ad54b0149f
Download 32bit version 1.8

Crypt commandline version 1.1 (c) 2006/2022 
MD5: 260209756f78d749dfed7d93a41f955a
SHA256: 39326cfe0127f7f9e2100388d443b061f50c0ecb6de4c41494a05f2c49bff44c

ENCRYPT 1.1 is (c) by Dirk Paehl 2006/2022
Freeware Syntax: enecrypt file.ext /crypter [/cbc] the option /cbc is optional.
 /cipher --> /blowfish /cast256 /rc4 /rc6 /rijndael or /aes /serpent /twofish
Sample: encrypt file.ext /crypter /pass=secret or
encrypt file.ext /crypter /cbc /pass=secret and the same for decryption
decrypt file.ext.enc /crypter /cbc /pass=secret
 Important infos: When you encrypt with cbc you must decrypt with cbc too. You must use the same cipher otherwise the decryption isn't correct. These programs are working with all Windows 64bit versionen

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