Optimize HTML GUITIDY version 1.08 and GUI TIDY win and Linux version

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Clean up your Web pages with HTML Tidy. Freeware. Tidy is opensource Include version 28.march 2009

More infos: www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy

With Tidy you can optimize your HTML/PHP source very easy.
Screenshot GUITIDY

Screenshot GUITIDY


Screenshot GUITIDY

Download optimize 448.61 KB

1.0 first version
1.01: Preview in internal browser and call PHPVIEW added.
1.02: Many news an optimizations
1.03: Some fixed
1.04: Many news and optimizations
1.05: Maintaince version
1.06: Many news and optimizations
1.07: Some fixed and optimizations. Now support php5ts.dll for show php files
1.08: Some fixed and optimizations.

GUI for Linux Version  0.008

Screenshot Windows version

Screenshot Linux

Screenshot Linux

Download Windows version inc. tidy.exe from 23-November 2005 (tidy version 23-November 2005 ) 633.67 KB

Download Linux binary 739.36 KB

Download the source run under the GPL