Chrome Updater

The new version for the dev beta and the release version

Download the version 0.4.5

From an user under Win7 64BIT
From an user under Win7 64BIT

You must have the chrome portable loader. But you can use this:
Chrome portable version (c) by Dirk Paehl

1. release November 19, 2008

This program update easy and fast the new google browser.
No google update service needed.

Copy this file in the folder where is the chrome.exe
Start it click check update thats all.
Works with the portable version too

Version 0.3.2 = 21 mar 2010
Version 0.3.2: Start parameter added
check and download update
Download the dev or beta or the release version

Sample before start my or an other chromeloader (portable version) create a portable_start.cmd with code

chrome_update.exe /update /dev
start chromeloader.exe

Version 0.4.4 = 23 sep 2011
maintenance version from chrome 15.

Last news 0.4.5 = 20 mar 2012
maintenance version: Downloading now working