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  • An overview of targeted attacks and APTs on Linux

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot has been written about targeted attacks on Windows systems. Windows is, due to its popularity, the platform for which we discover most APT attack tools. At the same time, there’s a widely held opinion that Linux… Read Full Article

  • Digital Education: The cyberrisks of the online classroom

    This past spring, as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, online learning became the new norm as universities and classrooms around the world were forced to close their doors. By April 29, 2020, more than 1.2 billion children across 186 countries… Read Full Article

  • IT threat evolution Q2 2020. Mobile statistics

    According to Kaspersky Security Network, during the second quarter 1,245,894 malicious installers were detected and a total of 14,204,345 attacks on mobile devices were blocked.
  • IT threat evolution Q2 2020. PC statistics

    During the second quarter Kaspersky solutions blocked 899,744,810 attacks launched from online resources across the globe, as many as 286,229,445 unique URLs triggered Web Anti-Virus components.
  • IT threat evolution Q2 2020

    Targeted attacks and APT groups, new malware and the COVID-19 pandemic exploitation in the second quarter of 2020
  • Operation PowerFall: CVE-2020-0986 and variants

    While we already described the exploit for Internet Explorer in the original blog post about Operation PowerFall, we also promised to share more details about the elevation of privilege exploit. Let’s take a look at vulnerability CVE-2020-0986.
  • Transparent Tribe: Evolution analysis,part 2

    In the second article, we describe a new Android implant used by Transparent Tribe for spying on mobile devices and present new evidence confirms a link between ObliqueRAT and Transparent Tribe.
  • Lifting the veil on DeathStalker, a mercenary triumvirate

    DeathStalker is a unique threat group that appears to target law firms and companies in the financial sector. They don’t deploy ransomware or steal payment information to resell it, their interest in gathering sensitive business information.
  • Transparent Tribe: Evolution analysis,part 1

    Transparent Tribe, also known as PROJECTM and MYTHIC LEOPARD, is a highly prolific group whose activities can be traced as far back as 2013.
  • CactusPete APT group’s updated Bisonal backdoor

    A new CactusPete campaign shows that the group’s favored types of target remain the same. The victims of the new variant of the Bisonal backdoor were from financial and military sectors located in Eastern Europe.

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