DP FastVideoconvert 1.2 beta


12-May 2013 version 1.2 beta

A new program is out. Fast video convert and rip very fast your DVD

Download the last version from here

Download from Softpedia old version

Screenshot DVDRIP

Info: This program convert your video to

yuy2, mpeg1,mpeg2,mpeg4,mpeg4-hq,xvid,divx,wmv2,hd-1080p,dvrms2xvid,dvd,dvdi,dvd-wide,dvd-16_9,psp,youtube,pda-z-napisami,mswin,treo650,vcd,vcd-hq,svcd,svcd-i30,svcd-p24,svcd-i30-16:9,svcd-p24-16:9,rockbox-16:9,rockbox-4:3 and x264 x264-Single_Pass, x264-pass1, x264-pass2,,x264i30-pass1, x264i30-pass2,x264p24-pass1,x264p24-pass2 and many format more

Easy to use for all people. NON codec pack needed, this program support the most videos direct

Can rip from DVD to many many formats

9 thoughts on “DP FastVideoconvert 1.2 beta”

  1. KVCD standard (PAL 352×288) or (NTSC 352×240) otherwise not KVCD vcd standard size.

    autocrap not standard you can use it or not. You can insert it manually
    I dont know the source video.

    More infos and question for fileconvert in my forum.

    Here is an other program

     About the mencoder-mt version.

    1.) old version and not faster or better.

  2. Already tested, of course: it won’t (auto)crop and KVCD profile seems restricted (just 352×288)… how to modify it ?
    I really can’t understand why all codecs (MPEG1/2 too) are treaten in the 1st tab, that is the correct way, IMHO.
    BTW, i’m playing with profile, but the other question is: why the software forces to encode @ 592:333 ?
    I wanna 512:288 (0% error) no borders encode… it’s my mistake ?

  3. Ok then is this your version. http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?Convert_Tools:FileConvert

    Convert with Bitrate or filesize and KVCD and many more include

  4. Output size is not superflous anyway: i’m sure that everyone wants to have the ability to decide how much space to spend for any specific movie (for example, to me, live music or panoramic movies can get up to 3 Gb , action movies 1,5 gb and “normal” movies 1 Gb or even less if is quality-poor – think about TV or VHS rips).
    I tried to modify the vcd profile, but it fails… and please add KVCD too.

  5. Nice, but lacks in some “approaches”, IMHO:

    2-pass (or better n-pass) for every profile: needed to match the output size… it would be great to have a checkbox near the profiles’ dropbox to activate the multipass, so you can also simplify the profile list;
    HQ for every profile: i saw many “HQ” profiles, so it would be simpler to have a checkbox for it too… even more simpler HQ by default;
    Audio quality (bit & sample rates) selection, ABR by default;
    Autoselect right output container (now it just output AVIs… MPG for mpeg and so on).
    Do you remember EazyVCD (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Eazy_VCD)? It would be great to have some of its features (chapters conservation, Bin/cue creation, etc.) too;
    Output size pre-determination rule: the simplest appoach is to choose only the output size and format, so  the software autoselect the best coding parameters (autocrop by default, multipass by default, auto audio bit/sample quality, etc);
    64-bit/mt version: the software it pretty fast, but a 64-bit/mt build would be even more great (i tested it with mencoder-mt – http://ps3mediaserver.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=396 – and works well)
    Portable version: unzip’n’run would be great.

    In other words, I can see many video-related tools on your site… a mixup of all of them could be the right solution.
    Hope that helps or at least inspires.

  6. Please allow a way for audio copy (via additional cmd line options?)  in your very nice tools

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