Fileshredder 1.0 formerly DPwiper

Fileshredder 1.0 © 2002,2023 formerly DPWiper



Download 01.02.2023 FileShredder.7z 82 kb Or from my mirror site

My old dpwiper the last version was 2014. But the old one works for file deletion with Windows 11

This one was written with C#. In this archive are two versions net 4 and the newest net 7. The net 4 version is include in Windows 10/11

This program support drag and drop, or you can use the add file or add folder button

Total passes 1/3/7/35 how often overwrite. Normal 1 pass is enough, but when you want to delete more secure files/documents/photos … you can select more passes. It takes longer.

Buffer size: size of data to wipe per pass.

Buffer Data: Random or Zero. Select what you want. Overwrite with random or zero chars

Now select run and that’s all.

This program is freeware but donations are every time welcome