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Polara (naja wer drauf steht)

Chosen one of the top Platformers 2012 –
#19 overall best game of 2012 –
#7 overall best game 2012 – Stromstock Magazine
4.5/5 **Game of the Week**
4.5/5 **Editor’s Choice**
4.5/5 ModojoABSOLUTELY NO IAPs – Hours of gameplay, major replayability, endless modes, story, it has it all!Polara is a new take on the free-runner platformer that incorporates traditional challenging gameplay with color-switching strategy. Utilize color coded speed ramps, launching pads, gravity waves, hex bombs, and energy platforms to survive as you escape the clutches of an evil security system hell bent on destroying all those that oppose. Immerse yourself in the world of Agent Lara, a defense system special agent, that finds herself between a massive world power and the sympathies of a rebel cause. Help her down the path of death defying obstacles to find the truth behind her past, present and future.

– 50 unique and challenging story based levels
– 4 Major Boss Battles
– 5 beautiful environments
– 6 endless unlockable modes
– ABSOLUTELY NO IAPs – Fully complemented title
– Beautifully painted story artwork
– Extended play-through content as story levels unlock collectibles that make you play every level differently