Crypt commandline version 1.1 (c) 2006/2022 
MD5: 260209756f78d749dfed7d93a41f955a

ENCRYPT 1.1 is (c) by Dirk Paehl 2006/2022
Freeware Syntax: enecrypt file.ext /crypter [/cbc] the option /cbc is optional.
 /cipher --> /blowfish /cast256 /rc4 /rc6 /rijndael or /aes /serpent /twofish
Sample: encrypt file.ext /crypter /pass=secret or
encrypt file.ext /crypter /cbc /pass=secret and the same for decryption
decrypt file.ext.enc /crypter /cbc /pass=secret

 Important infos: When you encrypt with cbc you must decrypt with cbc too. You must use the same cipher otherwise the decryption isn't correct. These programs are working with all Windows 64bit versionen