Works with Windows 10/11 and older 7/8/XP

We hosted version 1.5 of RouterSyslog on our US (Salt Lake City) & European (Bucharest, Romania) Dedicated Servers. You can use any of the following links as an extra mirror on your site if you wish: (US or EU users can choose) (US only, starts automatically) (EU only, starts automatically) (US, EU, External links)

RouterSyslog view the Syslog from your Router. With Portinfo and View advanced IP information. Systray with log info as hint. Memory use in Systray mode ~560kb. Can save as daily syslog_date.txt. With german instruction. Run with all Windows version XP-10

Version 1.5: maintained version, bugfix Ask my ip from, works now with other sites

Download: Router Syslog - 596 KB