Freeware from Dirk Paehl
DPHASH 1.3 commandline
This file creates one of the following hashes md5,sha1,sha224,sha256,sha384,sha512,sha512-224,sha512-256,SHA3-224,SHA3-256,SHA3-384,SHA3-512,Blake3-256,XXHash64,XXHash32

Create md5 hashes from a folder incl subfolders too.
MD5: 98011fc1eeac940fc1cb2b5361f08da5
Size 311kb include (32 and 64bit version)
DPHASH Commandline


HASH Commandline version 1.3

Hash (c) by Dirk Paehl support the following hashes: MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 and SHA3 224/256 and 384
MD5: DCF94851D2E35EBDE3254BF283377BFD
SHA256: 8319894BC59C6CDA0E0CC6EF7BDF7C27A87AA1517CF6D12633C6DD2165DE9C65
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