DPSyslog 2.4  64Bit Version 2.3 32Bit version

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Receive the syslog from the most router and tasmatos esp device. And view your IPV6 or IPV4 from an external website, define in config.cfg

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md5 F7917AFA86D60EDAA975C2A978D9F33A
sha256 FBCEEAA1C9C27C71BEBD21419B6DAA0D820354EB932BE8C48C1385A068A88B20
b3sum 3d9bae47bd7ddc25000e70c8c59447b97dbfbe9ddaeea5b9001de21a3f788e0b dpsyslog.7z
ssdeep 24576:Cy1TrYAi8IaZMakxpYDjrch4lmQV7aox6tu+z3wIX+6:Cy1T0A3IXx+Djrch4lmS7p4GJ6

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md5 A5B6BD5A8943972ED946F62E590933E0
sha256 531B697640E8F61E088BC757ADDDFB5DDD94EECE2CF574D711CFCB74AE1E924D
b3sum 62e33bbe0f29323a1f9c70cdbcccdbf2d9bc53ea5c8e92bc8193ff5f98a292ed
ssdeep 12288:7Whmwv4Yfty8wZHwEf0wXm1cbtr6cYOtjSXe6Nt1bVJeXQplBU6TfU4boe6moU3T:7WhLfkL94cbscYOtjSXe6X1ZoYl+54b1




Routersyslog last version. New DP Syslog

Works with Windows 10/11 and older 7/8/XP

We hosted version 1.5 of RouterSyslog on our US (Salt Lake City) & European (Bucharest, Romania) Dedicated Servers. You can use any of the following links as an extra mirror on your site if you wish:

http://www.download3k.com/Install-RouterSyslog.html?mirror=y (US or EU users can choose)
http://www.download3k.com/Install-RouterSyslog.html?mirror=us (US only, starts automatically)
http://www.download3k.com/Install-RouterSyslog.html?mirror=eu (EU only, starts automatically)
http://www.download3k.com/Install-RouterSyslog.html (US, EU, External links)

RouterSyslog view the Syslog from your Router. With Portinfo and View advanced IP information. Systray with log info as hint.  Can save as daily syslog_date.txt. With german instruction. Run with all Windows version XP-10

Version 1.5: maintained version, bugfix Ask my ip from, works now with other sites

Download: Router Syslog - 596 KB