Crypt commandline version 1.2 (c) 2006/2023 

MD5: b62faf932ff9ba42cc3c4482351402e1
SHA256: 0ad3b4a23cd1315d071413692c82261b94ee3b900dd2cd5284f96421f660a430

CRYPT 1.2 is (c) by Dirk Paehl 2006/2023 Freeware

Syntax: crypt file.ext /crypter [/cbc]
the option /cbc is optional.
/cipher -->
/rijndael or /aes
Sample: crypt file.ext /crypter /pass=secret
or crypt file.ext /crypter /cbc /pass=secret
new /dec for decryption
crypt file.ext.enc /crypter /pass=secret /dec

and the same for decryption
crypt file.ext.enc /crypter /cbc /pass=secret /dec

Important infos:
When you crypt with cbc you must decrypt with cbc too.
You must use the same cipher otherwise the decryption isn't correct.

Now two version 32 and 64bit.
100% compatible with encrypt 1.1