CmdPlayer 0.6 (c) 2023 by Dirk Paehl

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Screenshot from a user (thanks)

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At this time only 64bit
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This commandline player can play the most audio files

CmdPlayer 0.1 (c) 2023 by Dirk Paehl
usage: cmdplayer <file> or folder
optional /r for shuffle play only folder
You can change the device and volume in the config
Output Devices
1: Default
type: Speakers
flags: enabled default (33554435)
This commandline player can play the most audio files.
You can play one file or a folder incl subfolders with files.
Usage cmdplayer d:\music\sound.mpx or cmdplayer d:\music\sound\
For shuffle cmdplayer d:\music\sound\ /r
Standard the volume is 20 but you can change it as follow:
cmdplayer d:\music\sound\ /r /v40
If you want use an other device as the default create a cmdplayer.cfg
Use the device 2 with volume 40. 
But you change change it as follow
cmdplayer d:\music\sound\ /r /v20
This file is written for Windows 10/11 64bit.
Freeware written by Dirk Paehl
Donations are welcome.
This is the first version, I hope it works without any problems. But when you found a bug write me.
You can use a batch file to call this program.
set pfad=complete_patch_to_the_cmdplayer.exe
set volume=20
if "%~2" neq "" set volume=%2
start %pfad% %1 /r /v%volume%
Now call this batch player.cmd d:\music