Optimize HTML GUITIDY version 1.08
and GUI TIDY win and Linux version


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Clean up your Web pages with HTML Tidy. Freeware. Tidy is opensource Include version 28.march 2009

More infos: www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy

With Tidy you can optimize your HTML/PHP source very easy.

Softpedia Free Award

Screenshot GUITIDY

Screenshot HTML created with MS-WORD SIZE 2221 char


Optimized with Optimize GUITIDY size: 221 char
Screenshot GUITIDY

Download optimize 448.61 KB

For show PHP-File download this DLL
Download PHPview 2049.39 KB

1.0 first version
1.01: Preview in internal browser and call PHPVIEW added.
1.02: Many news an optimizations
1.03: Some fixed
1.04: Many news and optimizations
1.05: Maintaince version
1.06: Many news and optimizations
1.07: Some fixed and optimizations. Now support php5ts.dll for show php files

1.08: Some fixed and optimizations.

GUI for TIDY Windows and Linux Version  0.008

Screenshot windows
Screenshot Windows version

Screenshot with KDE
Screenshot Linux

Screenshot with GNOME
Screenshot Linux

Download Windows version inc. tidy.exe from 23-November 2005 (tidy version 23-November 2005 ) 633.67 KB

Download Linux binary 739.36 KB

Download the source run under the GPL

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