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  • Internet Explorer and Windows zero-day exploits used in Operation PowerFall

    Kaspersky prevented an attack on a South Korean company by a malicious script for Internet Explorer. Closer analysis revealed that the attack used a previously unknown full chain that consisted of two zero-day exploits.
  • DDoS attacks in Q2 2020

    The second quarter is normally calmer than the first, but this year is an exception. The long-term downward trend in DDoS-attacks has unfortunately been interrupted, and this time we are witnessing an increase.
  • Spam and phishing in Q2 2020

    In Q2 2020, the largest share of spam (51.45 percent) was recorded in April. The average percentage of spam in global email traffic was 50,18%, down by 4.43 percentage points from the previous reporting period.
  • Incident Response Analyst Report 2019

    As an incident response service provider, Kaspersky delivers a global service that results in a global visibility of adversaries’ cyber-incident tactics and techniques on the wild. In this report, we share our teams’ conclusions and analysis based on incident responses and statistics from 2019.
  • WastedLocker: technical analysis

    According to currently available information, in the attack on Garmin a targeted build of the Trojan WastedLocker was used. We have performed technical analysis of the Trojan sample.
  • APT trends report Q2 2020

    This summary is based on our threat intelligence research and provides a representative snapshot of what we have published and discussed, focusing on activities that we observed during Q2 2020.
  • Lazarus on the hunt for big game

    By investigating a number of targeted ransomware attacks and through discussions with some of our trusted industry partners, we feel that we now have a good grasp on how the ransomware ecosystem is structured.
  • MATA: Multi-platform targeted malware framework

    The MATA malware framework possesses several components, such as loader, orchestrator and plugins. The framework is able to target Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.
  • GReAT thoughts: Awesome IDA Pro plugins

    In the second ‘GReAT Ideas. Powered by SAS’ webinar, I’ll be talking about awesome IDA Pro plugins that I regularly use. This article is a sneak peek into what I’ll be discussing.
  • The Streaming Wars: A Cybercriminal’s Perspective

    Cyber threats aren't relegated to the world of big businesses and large-scale campaigns. The most frequent attacks aren't APTs and massive data breaches—they're the daily encounters with malware and spam by everyday users.

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