DP FastVideoconvert


30-dec 2009 first beta version 1.0 beta

A new program is out. Fast video convert and rip very fast your DVD

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Info: This program convert your video to

yuy2, mpeg1,mpeg2,mpeg4,mpeg4-hq,xvid,divx,wmv2,hd-1080p,dvrms2xvid,dvd,dvdi,dvd-wide,dvd-16_9,psp,youtube,pda-z-napisami,mswin,treo650,vcd,vcd-hq,svcd,svcd-i30,svcd-p24,svcd-i30-16:9,svcd-p24-16:9,rockbox-16:9,rockbox-4:3 and x264

x264-Single_Pass, x264-pass1, x264-pass2,,x264i30-pass1, x264i30-pass2,x264p24-pass1,x264p24-pass2

Easy to use for all people. NON codec pack needed, this program support the most videos direct