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Simplyzip 1.1beta 82

Download: Simplyzip v1.1b82 - 2.3MB

Download from Mirrorsite (Brothersoft)


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Simplyzip is a FREEWARE multi archiver. It does not write any entries to the registry or anywhere else. Version 1.1 has been rewritten from scratch.
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VirusScan Result: File: Simplyzip_SFX.exe Status: OK MD5: 928c35d2c2a302657c6bbf234ff8d3bd

SHA1 SFX-HEADER:c0dab350a90ec4051ddc9d7273873c7271bd0da6
SHA1 Simplyzip 517e61d8f81122e204fe14207d8995b201f5dbd5

Simplyzip is safe to download Antivirus Report for Simplyzip 1.1b74 on Simplyzip - 5 Stars rating Windows7 downloads  Freeware and Trialware Downloads X 64-bit Download Best Vista Download 5 stars - Best Software 4 Download Editor's Choice.  Simplyzip Reviews on SoftSea Reviews on SoftSea Reviews on SoftSea Software.Informer Editor's pick award Software.Informer Virus Free award Softpedia Pick Award

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