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Download Protect Exe 0.7 beta- 149 KB or download from Mirror


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Protect Exe will protect your *.exe file with a password. Without this password you cannot start it. The exe is encrypted with twofish 256 bit keysize. Freeware.

SHA1 Protect Exe 0.7 beta: 602fbba12339507cac564677851319bb2046f067

 Download: HTML2PHP 0.2 - 27.66 KB

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Convert a HTML file to a PHPFILE.And convert Text and CLIPBOARD to PHP.Freeware.
SHA1 HTML2PHP 0.2:364ce6313bbcbe6dcb727e542baec1b6cd8beb32

Download: Backup Opera 0.2 - 113.05 KB
Make a backup for the important files and folders for the OPERA browser You can define which files you want to backup . Freeware.
SHA1 Backup Opera 0.2:36b4704fd90e1073ff77be210fbe24ec1dbe24db

Download: GUI-AGINSTALLER version 0.2 - - 227.18 KB
This program is a GUI for the most option to create a AGINSTALLER script: Orignal text from aginstaller: AGInstaller is an easy to use and powerful tool you can use to build full Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP compatible setups for your developments to distribute to single or enterprise-wide users. It approach the gold standarts in this industry and has the gentlemanly set of features such as registry and INI files creation/modification, Start Menu shortcuts, effective files compression and many others. It has several peculiar features such as CRC self-verification and two types of original user interface. At present AGInstaller has no graphical interface
SHA1 GUI-AGINSTALLER version 0.2: 9da7531b801bd3f5813f38777208d2016bfba0ce

Download: Download LEECHER 0.1 - - 181.96 KB

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What is download leecher?? Download leecher is a download manager for hidden downloads. e.g. Your full version or beta version. Sample: Your beta_program.zip is on your site http://www.domain.com/beta_program.zip Now you can write this URL on your site but all people can read this. Now insert this URL in download leecher with password test 1tJ1JQnx7lxYUuEjxw95mlAYfmogeoveun4kdoy5mIEv3UjdqKE= Write this crypted URL on your site. With Info the password you can become via email. The same from your public ftp server: ftp://ftp.domain.com/beta_program.zip 2CHOY+VFTPclcJ353i4WonyLaVGbM0Z1bc/GDAPPcAiBUatyvGc= Thats all. Info about download leecher. Download leecher crypt the URL with the ORIGINAL twofish 256 bit keysize algorithms: Twofish (At this time the best cipher) Download leecher supported Proxy from the Internet Explorer or other.
SHA1 Download LEECHER 0.1:6f0b6aa71c789666545bded1e4c2fe59c45512cd

Download PSEDITOR 1.14 - 43.19 KB

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Create from every application a PS file and convert with this program in a high quality PDF file. Change the Info and the Author in the PDF file. Freeware
SHA1 PSEDITOR 1.14:12024200d138051f56ec06d3fc39473b0960bb9d

Download PDFVIEWER 1.02 - 244.49 KB

Work with ghostscript version 7.03 - 8.11. Newer version not supported
View PDF files with high quality and without the ADOBE READER. Ghostscript is opensource and use in the linux / windows section.
SHA1 PDFVIEWER 1.02:844872f16a03624fd5b59590686ebe7593e4f918

Download PMCLEAN 0.9- 41.76 KB

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Cleaner for Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox and Mozilla. Easy but a highly performance program.
1.) Delete temp folder --> complete incl subfolder
2.) Delete recyle bin
3.) User define folder and file(s) With automatic timer.
SHA1 PMCLEAN 0.9:d2956d71fa775dada0584454bfed7c2e2615a743

Download PADPdf 0.1 - 45.18 KB

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PADPDF is a TXT2PDF maker with an easy to use notepad editor. Freeware
SHA1 PadPDF 0.1:334c4ff883f55813fbc864770ff9b582cb44c4a1

Download MessageBoxCreator 0.1 - - 182.55 KB
This program create the source for a standard Windows Messagebox and a shellabout for Delphi till 2005.
SHA1 MessageBoxCreator 0.1:e2e41e2580a7090d3ad32e2979c5261f284be3df

Download ReduceExe 1.4- 45.05KB
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Reduce Exe is an easy to use tool for correcting Windows Portable Executable files Features: - Clear binary trash in headers of PE files - Erase section names - Remove relocations table - Examine the list of the export functions - Erase selected functions in export section - Reduce size of PE files - Prepare PE files for exe-packer - Reduce Exe is a DLL. You can use this in you own program. An exe fils is include. Sample to use the DLL: function Starte(datei:pchar;backup,no_check:boolean):boolean;external 'reduce.dll'; Starte --> the function Datei --> is the file to reduce. true make a backup file. No_Check --> true other file as EXE. Now include a ANSI C demo and with stdcall.
SHA1 ReduceExe c7f22256e76666987bfacdb72d6df6d91df92562

Download IE-Clean 1.3 - 285.75KBKB
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IE-Clean required IE 5.x or higher. Run under Windows 98 till XP. This program is freeware. IE-Clean delete the temporary internet file/cookies history, recycle bin, the temp folder, the document list and a user define folder and files. Incl timer. English / German and Russian language file. Freeware
SHA1 IE-CLEAN 1.3:8368d19542ca9afeddc48068439c74e4f3099463

Download Unpacker 1.09- - 1455.2 KB download the sfx version
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This program replace ES95 and EP2K. This is a GUI unpacker and identifies with DPINFO95 archive. Unpacker can directly unpack: ZIP/RAR/ACE/CAB/ARJ/BZ2/UHARC/TAR/7-ZIP/LHA/LZH/BZ2/Deepfreezer/ Blakhole and GZ archiv. Unpacker support Drag & Drop.Freewareversion.
Click here for a RAR-sfx version. With german manual. Information you can use my DLLs include with sample..
SHA1 Unpacker zip:92f44041265e5411c1c25e13524b33013c2cf925
SHA1 Unpacker sfx:0cb5c35fcd1f3c7c855169c352ae39645dbe6233

Download NEWZIP (deployment discontinued) - 1007.84 KB

A new zipcompressor for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 (tested). Newzip can created ZIP, CAB, JAR, LHA, TAR and GZIP . Compatible with WINZIP and PKZIP. Creates 16 and 32 Bit ZIPSFX files. Password protection and many more. Span and Read from Disk. Now with convert option: you can convert many archives in CAB, LZH, TAR, GZIP TAR, JAR (JAVASOFT) or ZIP. FREEWARE for everyone. Current version 1.9B1 With german manual. Now include DPINFO95.DLL
SHA1 NEWZIP:a039d8efd4499b72bb646d876505ad4e7750f773

Download XPBURN 1.02 & EASY ISO CREATOR 1.1 - 540.35 KB
Screenshot ISO-Creator
Screenshot XPBURN

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Both program are freeware. XPBURN runs under XP ONLY. XPBURN is a GUI for the internal xp burning function. EASY ISO creator creates a ISO from files and folders.EASY ISO CREATOR runs under windows 95 till XP. FREEWARE. Now with translation file (at this time: English, italian, Brazilian Portuguese and German).
SHA1 XPBURN 1.02 & EASY ISO CREATOR 1.1:39d1a87c0aaa104eb7f5c3117943b595e681d9db

Download QTest 1.05 beta - 487.62 KB

Qtest is a question and answer TOOL. You can create easy self question and answer lists. FREEWARE. You can test with timelimits, random questions and so on. Look for screenshot. Now with language file for translation into other languages. This version is available in English and German.
Remark: When you create questions and answers, then I can insert them here. Please consider the copyright and the correctness of the questions. The responsibility rests with you.
QEDITOR 0.1 beta Simple editor for q-test. In this version you can create only. You can write a editor for Q-TEST, if you have written a better Editor for Q-TEST I will link to your site.
SHA1 QTest 1.05 beta:d54f8d90ed9ec23d99c7a2922dedfa25f7b10607

Download TXT2PDF version 0.19p - 34.78KB

This program is a easy pdf creator from textfiles (commandline version). You can insert the author and the producer. Regard this as an easy program to create pdf-files. With English and German manual. FREEWARE.
SHA1 TXT2PDF version 0.19p:0bc867f541e71738b6f9f8f2865095a32198dc93

Download Easyscan - 806.43 KB

Easyscan is an easy to use program for any scanner. This program scans to the clipboard, to a printer, and/or save as: JPEG,GIF, PCX, PNG and BMP. EASYSCAN was tested with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000. Current Version 1.1. In version 1.1 DPVIEW is the THUMPVIEWER.
SHA1 Easyscan:8ed7bba6a4ac5163d6038400200176f4f6ddeec7

Download Fastscanner 678.39 KB

Fastscanner 1.2 for Windows 32 Bit This program is the best program for scanners. You can scan tothe clipboard, print and save as GIF, BMP, PCX and JPEG. Fastscanner can be used with all twain compatible scanners for Windows 32 Bit.Easy to use, but the best Fastscanner is Giftware. At present the manual is only available in German.. Fastscan is very short, only 300 KB long, no dll or so. When you translate FASTSCAN, please send my it. FASTSCAN was testet with Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 with SP4 Windows 2000 and XP. FASTSCAN is GIFTWARE no SHAREWARE. Current version is 1.2 Include: English/ German/ Danish and hungary manual
SHA1 Fastscanner:e375f3126ee5f675d4135d800206d2d38f7b899c

Download Image - 11.76 KB
Image created images from diskdrive for bootable cd's (cdrwin or so). Manual available in German only. A DOS program, it has been run under run under DOS, Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 (tested).Very fast. This program is freeware. Current Version is 1.1
SHA1 Image:89d30f32f903d69da19102a556259a53fbdbe892

Download FMT- 121.83 KB
The floppy formatprogram for dos, windows 95-XP. Support 360, 720 KB, 1.2 ,1.44, 1.68 and 1.72 MB. With seven special bootsectors. Freeware.
Das Floppyformtierprogramm fuer DOS, Windows 95-XP. Unterstuetzt 360,720 KB, 1.2 ,1.44, 1.68 and 1.72 MB. Mit sieben speziellen Bootsektoren. Freeware. DOS and Windows Version. Derzeit aktuelle Version 1.4 SHA1 FMT:c3bbb972da3be2d7346f0af1d6ca2a71462015a2
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